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1.  O´Dowd´s

John O’ Dowd was an accordion player in New York who missed the chance to collaborate with Bob Marley. To make up for this one of his reels gets the reggae treatment here.


2.  Living Today/The Wise Maid

This song arose out of jam sessions with Ondra Koller (drums) and Zdenìk Vlèek (bass) when we had a band together.


3.  O´Carolan´s Welcome

A wonderfully indulgent dose of  Šumperk-Irish baroque.


4.  Jigs: Jump At The Sun Mahr Seánberg

Two querky tunes. The first I heard during my time in Bangor, North Wales, the second I composed some time ago and recently decided to decided to dedicate it to my son, Seán and our beautiful town, Šumperk´, or Schoenberg as it originally was.

5.  When Paradise Freezes Over

A love song of sorts, with all the usual complications

6.  Hornpipes: The Stack of Barley/Murphy’s/Chief O’Neil’s Favourite.

My father learnt this tune in the west of Ireland when he was a young man. It always got people up and dancing. The other two are popular tunes at sessions and ceilis. Francis O’Neill was Chief of Police in New York and a famous collector of Irish dance tunes.



7.  Stepping Out (Bottlewash Rag)

Radek came up with the music for this one and sent me off to write the lyrics. It really brings me back to my days with The Beer Parlour Jivers.


8.  The Flower of Magherally

A traditional song of unrequited love from the north of Ireland. I remember Cathal McConell of Boys of the Lough singing this at concerts and sessions but I could never understand half of it. We jazzed the rythm up a little and Radek added a melodic link.


9.  Kiki

Named after my daughter Kristina.


10.  Coming Back to Haunt You

What happens when Mrs. Jekyl turns into Mrs. Hide.




By Eoghan O’Reilly