By Eoghan O’Reilly



Living Today   O'Reilly


 You can quit while you’re winning


The wheel’s still a-spinning


You can take your chips and calmly walk away


You don’t have to play


At the last intersection you changed your direction


But you’ve still got the feeling


That perhaps you made a mistake


That’s a risk you take



You’ve got your head full of plans for the future


And a heart full of wounds from the past


Your walking round in a world of confusion


‘Staid of livin’ today




You set your sights on a hard-hearted woman


But she turns her head when she sees you coming along


Seems you got it wrong


And all you need is a sweet little girl


To change everything in your world


But oh, no! That’s not how it goes!



You can count your blessings


Or just sit guessing


What in the world is gonna happen to you?


What ya gonna do?


Is it a matter of chance or just a matter of luck


Or did something, somehow just get stuck in my way?


Is that all you can say?