By Eoghan O’Reilly



Living Without You     O'Reilly


As I cast my tire eyes on the expectant horizon


And that rising sun seems to take forever.


I whisper in my drink, “How could I ever think


That the time would come when we were not together?


How could I know that you would go?”


Funny how you seem to look much older


Sleeping early morning


Winter shadows pass across your shoulders


While your sleeping early morning.


And I wonder if the time will ever come


When I get used to…living without you.


There’s still the same old faces in that bar where we first met


I’ve a feeling of regret at my return.


This town is just a graveyard to a love that is deceased


Gonna take the boat train east along the coast.


Now I know, loved you the most.


This may not be the first time but it’s certainly the last


Can’t find a train to take me fast enough away


There’s money in my pocket and those city lights are shining


Gonna find life’s silver lining and I’m gonna spend it all


Until I don’t miss you at all.