By Eoghan O’Reilly


The Flower of Magherally  Trad.


One pleasant summer’s morning when all the flowers were blooming-oh

Nature was a-dawning and the birds were sweetly singing-oh

I met my love near Banbridge town, my charming blue-eyed Sally-oh

She’s the queen of the County Down, the flower of Magherally-oh


In admiration they did gaze upon that blue-eyed lassie-oh

And ne’er had Adam e’er such joy when he first saw Eve in Eden-oh

Her cheeks were like the lilly fair that grows in yonder garden-oh

She’s my queen and my hearts delight, my flower of Magherally-oh


Her yellow hair in ringlets hung, her boots of Spanish leather-oh

Her bonnet with a ribbon on, her scarlet scarf and feather-oh

Like Venus fair she did appear, my charming blue-eyed Sally-oh

She’s the girl that I adore, my flower of Magherally-oh


And I hope the day will surely come when we hold hands together-oh

And I will bring my sweet-heart home, in spite of wind and weather-oh

And let them all say what they will, and let them rail and rally-oh

I will wed the girl I love, my flower of Magherally-oh.

I learnt most of this song from the flute player Cathal McConnel having heard him sing it at various concerts and sessions around England.

It’s a typical tale of the a lovestruck youth in springtime. (been there, done that!)