The Ghost of Christmas Past and Straight from the Bottle (8 euros each) can be ordered by sending an email to

Straight from the Bottle
  1. The Wren Boys Song
  2. Drive the Cold Winter Away
  3. Mrs. Hooligan’s Christmas Cake
  4. Christmas Medley
  5. Christmas in Killarney/The Blue Angel
  6. Teaching McFarlane to Dance/Mrs. Crotty’s Waltz
  7. Iesus Ahotonia (Huron Carol)
  8. A Glass of Sherry and a Mince Pie
  9. Christmas Eve/Christmas Day in da Morning        More.....


By Eoghan O’Reilly

  1. Living Today/The Wise Maid
  2. One Dream
  3. O’Carolan’s Welcome to Šumperk
  4. The Flower of Magherally
  5. Dowd’s Reel
  6. Coming Back to Haunt You
  7. Hornpipes: The Stack of Barley/Murphy’s/Chief O’Neill’s
  8. Vassiliki
  9. Kiki
  10. Jigs: Jump for the Sun/Mahr Seánberg    More...
  11. Till Paradise Freezes Over
  12. The Bottlewash Rag (Steppin’ Out)
  1. Whiskey in the Jar
  2. Duirmuid’s March
  3. Sonny Brogan’s/unknown/Morrison’s
  4. O’Dowd’s Reel
  5. McMahon’s reel
  6. Carrickfergus
  7. Living Without You
  8. Where Are You Now?
  9. One Dream
  10. The High Reel
  1. Tear Stained Letter
  2. Miss You
  3. A Good Woman’s Love
  4. Midnight Special
  5. Let it Burn
  6. Johnny Come Lately
  7. Madison Lady
  8. Take it Easy
  9. Johnny B
  10. Karla with a K
  1. Cinderella
  2. Lose the Head
  3. World of My Own
  4. Kafky v řijnách