The Ghost of Christmas Past and Straight from the Bottle (8 euros each) can be ordered by sending an email to oreilly@email.cz

Straight from the Bottle
  1. The Wren Boys Song
  2. Drive the Cold Winter Away
  3. Mrs. Hooligan’s Christmas Cake
  4. Christmas Medley
  5. Christmas in Killarney/The Blue Angel
  6. Teaching McFarlane to Dance/Mrs. Crotty’s Waltz
  7. Iesus Ahotonia (Huron Carol)
  8. A Glass of Sherry and a Mince Pie
  9. Christmas Eve/Christmas Day in da Morning        More.....


By Eoghan O’Reilly

  1. Living Today/The Wise Maid
  2. One Dream
  3. O’Carolan’s Welcome to Šumperk
  4. The Flower of Magherally
  5. Dowd’s Reel
  6. Coming Back to Haunt You
  7. Hornpipes: The Stack of Barley/Murphy’s/Chief O’Neill’s
  8. Vassiliki
  9. Kiki
  10. Jigs: Jump for the Sun/Mahr Seánberg    More...
  11. Till Paradise Freezes Over
  12. The Bottlewash Rag (Steppin’ Out)
  1. Whiskey in the Jar
  2. Duirmuid’s March
  3. Sonny Brogan’s/unknown/Morrison’s
  4. O’Dowd’s Reel
  5. McMahon’s reel
  6. Carrickfergus
  7. Living Without You
  8. Where Are You Now?
  9. One Dream
  10. The High Reel
  1. Tear Stained Letter
  2. Miss You
  3. A Good Woman’s Love
  4. Midnight Special
  5. Let it Burn
  6. Johnny Come Lately
  7. Madison Lady
  8. Take it Easy
  9. Johnny B
  10. Karla with a K
  1. Cinderella
  2. Lose the Head
  3. World of My Own
  4. Kafky v řijnách